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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Applying for more than one job?

A. You can apply for as many jobs as you feel qualified for. To apply for more than one job you need to select the 'apply now' button for each job you wish to apply.

Q. What to do once you've applied

A. We'll be in touch to let you know how your application is progressing. You don't need to contact us to provide any additional information, unless we ask you to do so.

Q. Following up your application?

A. Once we receive your application we will send you an acknowledgement by email. If your application is successful, you'll be contacted about the next steps.

Q. Your application is confidential

A. The information you provide is only used for employment purposes. Your details will be treated confidentially in accordance with our privacy policy.

Q. Find out more

A. If you have any questions in relation to any stage of the application process email us at quoting the job reference number.

Q. Can I post or fax you a copy of my resume?

A. We ask that you submit your Resume via our web-based system so that we can quickly and accurately match your skills and experience to any suitable positions.

Q. Can I obtain a job description?

A. Job descriptions will be shared with you at your first interview.

Q. How can I find out the salary for the position I have applied for?

A. We often discuss salary expectations at the first interview. Please discuss any concerns with the hiring manager at that stage.

Q. How long will the selection process take?

A. The length of the recruitment process depends on many different variables, however we aim to keep you as informed as possible at all stages. We recognise the time you have invested in our recruitment process and we endeavour to operate efficiently and effectively

Q. How will I know if I am going to be interviewed?

A. We will communicate with you by telephone to organise a first interview. If we are unable to contact you by phone, we may try email.

Q. How will I know if I am unsuccessful in moving forward to a first interview?

A. If you have not been contacted within two weeks, it is likely that we will not progress your application to a first interview.

Q. Do you accept resumes from employment agencies?

A. Brookfield Multiplex does not accept Resumes from recruitment or placement agencies that have not signed an appropriate agreement with us.

Q. Are you running a Graduate programme in Australia?

A. Yes. Please click here for more information.

Q. If you don’t have a suitable vacancy what should I do?

A. Brookfield Multiplex is always looking for new people to join us. Please continue to monitor our website for vacancies.



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